Thursday, December 29, 2011

We are just a few days away from embarking on a brand new year. I remember thinking about 2012 as a child and was absolutely certain that we would all be hovering around in Jetson-like aircraft by now. While we don't have our own private flying craft, we are fortunate to have many other technological perks. I was sitting watching movie trailers on my Kindle Fire recently – who would have seen that coming? Not too many years ago, as an English major, I spent hours, days, months of my life doing research in our campus library. Now what do I do? I Google it! During my college days (I graduated in 1997) we were just on the cusp of using email, and we all had to sign up for time in the one campus computer lab. As I look back, I am grateful that I learned how to research the old-fashioned way. I will always love the smell of stacks and stacks of books just waiting to be devoured! Today, there is really no excuse not to learn and grow, research and read. It's all at our fingertips. New year, new blog, new start!! I have new goals, new plans, and new worlds to conquer. Hopefully my readers will be embarking on new journeys as well, and we can read and share together! Meet my "research space." Smart water and Diet Dr. Pepper - my fuel of choice, and the quote on my computer wallpaper is an all time favorite! Gotta love Ben Franklin.